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Jet Set

The Cheap Michael Kors Jet Set Bags Experience is an expansive, 360-degree event that immerses the audience in music, moving images and emotion. Set in a private 30,000-square-foot jet hangar at Hongqiao Airport, the spectacular event will convey the essence of the international cheap jet set bags lifestyle that is the DNA of the Michael Kors brand.

Michael Kors has partnered with Bureau Betak, the special events and fashion show production company, and 3-Legged Dog Art and Technology Group to create this special event. 3-Legged Dog is incorporating the innovative high-definition video projection system Musion Eyeliner™ to bring cheap mk bsgs the dramatic filmic effects and spectacular free-form holographic moving images to a live set. The large-scale theatrical projections and life-like illusions will transport the audience to three different locations within the film—each destination a perennial cheap Michael Kors favorite. The interplay of pioneering technology, artistry and vision will translate into a mesmerizing experience for the 1,000 V.I.P. guests at the event. The projection screens will form one of the largest projection areas ever built, with a total area of more than 15,000 square feet and a main screen that is 44 feet high and 321 feet wide.

The Michael Kors Outlet Jet Set Experience will include a never-before-seen runway show featuring a signature cheap Michael Kors Jet Set bags Collection that illustrates the sophistication and global appeal of Michael Kors’ design philosophy. The event will culminate in a glamorous fete with music by New York-based DJ collective The Misshapes.

Fans of the brand from around the world can follow the event live at, WeChat and global platforms following #MKShanghai starting at 9 AM EDT on Friday, May 9. The microsite, discount michael kors outlet, will pull in a live-feed of the event, showcasing social and digital content from the Shanghai hangar and sharing it with the world.

During The cheap Michael Kors Jet Set bags Experience, Michael Kors will deploy the first-ever live-feed app on WeChat. It will function as an interactive newsfeed, providing live images, including from the iPad photobooths set up on site, directly to user’s WeChat feeds. Additionally, on Monday following the event, Michael Kors will release MK360, a native (iOS & Android) mobile app, downloadable at, allowing fans everywhere to experience the cheap Michael Kors Jet Set handbags Experience via an interactive 360-degree video of the event on their phones.

“This is the largest fashion event the company has ever undertaken and our major launch of the Michael Kors brand in the Greater China cheap michael kors market,” says John D. Idol, Chief Executive Officer. “Our customer is international, so we are embarking upon an exceptional experience that is global in scope.”

cheap mk jet set bags

Cheap Michael Kors Outlet will out of market?

Cheap Michael Kors, dear readers, is a brand I see at Goodwill stores all of the time…..clothes, the occasional fashion handbag, accessories….I’ve seen almost every type of his products. However, despite the excitement around the brand in most recent years, I’ve never been a fan.

I like the occasional cheap Michael Kors handbags here and there, but overall, I have never  been super excited over any of his styles. The cuts and prints of most of his pieces are never really ever flattering on me; it certainly doesn’t help that all of his petite sizes are always too big on my frame. Plus, every time I walk by the cheap Michael Kors outlet store at the mall, the strong perfume smell gives me an unforgettable headache.

When I was younger, I felt that there were brands that were constantly neck and neck: Betsey Johnson, and cheap Michael Kors. Betsey Johnson was for girls who were a bit edgy and didn’t want to fit in. Her bold prints, colors and cuts were unlike a lot of other premium aspirational brands in cheap MK bags department stores. replica Michael Kors, on the other hand, was also an aspirational brand, but for those who wanted to look classically sophisticated and not really stand out. When I picture it in my mind, the brand’s color palette consisted of browns, turquoises and pumpkin-y oranges, colors that made rare appearances in Betsey’s collections.

I personally was on the Betsey bandwagon (before she went bankrupt). I was a little bit of a punk in my younger years, so anything that made people’s heads turn was something I had to own. I never considered purchasing any Michael Kors bags or watches, but I did understand why it was popular.

Just like the Betsey Johnson brand, these days cheap Michael Kors bags seems to be quickly decreasing in popularity. I recently read this article about the brand, stating how it’s losing its cool. Many points in the article are ones that are leaving me nodding in agreement. Even the brand that I used to know when I was younger, is losing its magic.